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Mar 03 2009

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Amazing Alpine Citroen c2

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OK this is one of those not-stupid cars featured on this blog, but I have to post these pics due to the amount of effort invested in this little car! Not 100% sure on the story behind it, apparently the ALPINE factory crew or their ICE (in car entertainment) promoting crew put this Citroen C2 together.. And it looks like a 3D render more than it resembles a street-legal car (well it probably isnt :) Made for show, it does look like an alien raped a citroen c4 and this cyborg kinda car was born..

It has huge alloys with neon blue glow, which can be seen everywhere in and out the car, and the back including the boot has been completely altered..

They’ve put some serious amplifiers in the back, and the drivers seat which is now in central position of this alpine citroen c2 kinda reminds you of a skeleton.. or it’s just me lol..

Front part has a spaceship kinda feel to it, with lots of lcd screens and various car speakers from tweeters to subwoofers, must be crazy to sit behind the wheel and.. turn up the stereo instead of driving :)

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