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Mar 08 2009

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Custom Made Audi A9, superugly edition

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Wee seem to have run across a mixture of an audi a6 (cool car in my book), alfa 159 (headlights, I know those aren’t the ones but similar style, also a pretty car), and a pig. There’s no car styling police I know, but this guy should be taken for some questioning.. What you don’t see from these small pics is his rear audi badge, it does say A9 (reversed 6).. again like with a few other cars on this site, props for the effort and so on, nicely done, but the lack of taste is stupenduououosly big..

Audi’s are cool by themselves, can be aggressive, can be low profile, they’re made for discrete styling like bigger wheels and a small spoiler here and there, they are also tunable and reliable, but they cannot cope with oversized widebody kits, and rocket space thruster style exhaust pipes like on this poor A6..

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