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Aug 16 2010

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Funny lada pictures – Russian Car Tuning

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The Fast

The Wide

The Ugly

When it comes to car styling (beside japanese cars), people usually try stick to keeping it low profile but add something unique.. well, these three sure are unique, and since their starting point is ugly as hell, the entire car styling project usually ends up looking like crap, and there you go.

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Mar 07 2009

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Awesome black Lada from space

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OK I cannot guarantee it but I’m prettymuch sure that this is the coolest car that will ever be featured on this blog. Call me tasteless but I love the looks of this car (ok the orange parts could have been silver like the intercooler upfront but nevermind, for a lada, it’s freakin awesome). Man would think that lada-tuning is a dead end street (I honestly have no infos about cars handling and performance, just pics) but this all black tinted black lada is still cool. I see the garaget.org watermark on the pics, so if anyone can read the (guessing nordic) language on that site and digs up this particular car, email me and I’ll post a followup with more details :)

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