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Mar 04 2009

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Gold alfaudi tuning – failed

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Well not really sure what to say about this particular one.. You have the Italian design school, producing simply the best looking cars overall, and german engineering and feel of quality. Now, as a former alfa owner, I understand someone who’d try fitting an audi engine below the alfa bonnet (ok alfa-fans I know it’s a blasphemy, italian heart, sportiness and whatnot, but I don’t care anymore about the cool sound alfas make, they’re unreliable pieces of crap that will let you down (had two of them), back to the topic – why would someone take a beautiful car and mess it up like this is beyond me. Effort is huge, craftsmanship great, but the result isn’t, the car is out of proportion and as most of hybrids, it’s ugly.. If this is just a photochop, yay :)

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